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Bruton Spiralflite is South Africa's premier manufacture of continuous rolled and sectional spiral flights.We have been manufacturing spiral flighting in Germiston since 1968.

Our central location in South Africa's manufacturing hub makes shipping quick and easy to all parts of the country and the rest of Sub Saharan Africa.

Spiral flighting are used in the making of Screw conveyors, Grain augers and in the conveying of various materials for many different industries for example the milling, cement and agricultural industries, in-fact most industries that need to move dry material use augers.


History of Bruton Spiralflite

All established companies have a great success story allow us; this family owned and run business for the past 47 years to proudly share ours.


Brudan Engineering Pty (Ltd) was established by Fredrick Donald Bruton in 1957 as an Engineering and General Fabrication Company.

Since the start of the company, employees have come and gone, others are still employed to this day. The industry has changed over the years but Brudan Engineering has always been eager to adapt with the times. There have been tough times, and many great times. No matter the business, the key to success has always been - Hard work, Determination and Consistency, never was this truer than the very beginning, the early years in which the first employees were laying the structural foundation and required work ethic for long term success and growth.


Through the next few years Brudan Engineering dealt with many clients and worked on many projects on Engineering and General Manufacturing during this time many enquiries came in for conveying material using augers. Unlike earlier years where flights were hand fabricated in sections and welded together to make up one continuous length it was a time strenuous process and many of the times not accurate, F.D Bruton saw this as an opportunity to offer to the South African market a more reliable, time efficient product in supplying continues rolled flites. On the 29 November 1968 Brudan Engineering imported the first continuous rolling machine to South Africa "which is still running to this day" and the business direction moved more towards auger manufacturing.


In those days most transport was done via rail so being based in Germiston with direct access to a rail line Brudan Engineering was able to send spirals country wide as well as cross border, as the times changed and road transport became more efficient and reliable we moved our factory just up the road to Knights, still keeping a central location in South Africa were we still operate from today sending flights country wide and cross border. 

As the years went on Brudan Engineering focused more on manufacturing spirals, then 1972 it was decided to change the company's name to Bruton Spiralflite Pty Ltd and it was then that the foundation for Bruton Spiralflite was imprinted as the leading supplier of continuous rolled flites in South Africa.

In 1995 Barry D. Bruton the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Bruton joined Bruton Spiralflite as the G.M and took over the running of Bruton Spiralflite, the company production increased over the next few years and in 2007 Mr B.D Bruton purchased the companies next continuous rolling machine with the ability to roll smaller flites and to maintain our timeously turn around with the increased quantities. Over the next few years B.D Bruton concentrated on the growth of Bruton Spiralflite and maintained the Hard work, Determination and Consistency that his farther had always aimed at and in 2013 became the M.D.


During this time an increase for larger and thicker flites was in more demand which had us researching new machines to expand our range in the manufacturing of Sectional Flites , so in October 2015 B.D Bruton purchased Bruton Spiralflite new semi- automated pressing machine allowing Bruton Spiralflite to manufacture Sectional Flites faster and more accurate.

With the current 3 machines under Bruton Spiralflite canopy we are able to supply a wide range of spirals to the South African market and will continue to strive and maintain those principles set out 47 years ago by Mr F.D Bruton


Hard work, Determination and Consistency